fall, please.

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I am so ready for fall to be here! I really don’t want school to start, but I really want to be able to comfortably wear something more than a bathing suit outside… I stayed inside all day today working on my summer homework. Meh.

playing dress up

I played dress up with myself at 11 pm tonight! I’ve been doing many late-night project-type things lately (painting, listening to music, making musical playlists on my 8tracks, obsessively watching Buffy/My So-Called Life/Sailor Moon, obsessively stalking people on Facebook, painting, cutting up clothes, etc..). It’s probably just my way of blowing off steam and dealing with stress, seeing as school is about to start in a week and I’m nervous/excited/dreading it/looking forward to it. Also, it might possibly be maybe because I haven’t finished any of my summer reading books (never mind the essays/projects) and I’m freaking out about that on the inside? Maybe..?

Three Artists I’ve Been Groovin’ To Lately, or Why Am I So Knowledgeable!?, or This Post Shall Give You So Many Hours Of Enjoyment I Need Not Ever Post Again

Today I don’t much like my outfit so I am choosing not to post it (or maybe I will post it later… meh). Do you ever just have awkward embarrassing days? Days where everything you do and say is completely strange and weird? Yeah? Well, today was one of those days for me.

But I’m not gonna talk about that.

I want to talk about music. MUSIC? Yes, music. It is a well-kept-secret that most of my post titles are lyrics to some sort of musical piece. U surprised? No but really, music is a huge deal for me. I go to a performing arts high school, for music <- but I’m not going to use that as a reason why music is a major partof my life. I listen to music daily and nightly (will it ever stop? yo! i don’t know) I listen to music when I am sad in order to get happy. I listen to music when I can tell I am feeling great and popular to remember that I am not everything. Usually I just listen to music to escape [life, pressures, anger, school, emotions, social activities, homework…].

Lately, jazzy things have really been getting my groove on! I like this jazz session by Odd Future, which is a hip-hop group whose music I REALLY REALLY don’t like (ew sexism, ew gross curse words and slurs), but which branched off into jazz just this once. The piano is so goooooooood, man!

The Nels Cline Singers (and just Nels Cline in general) are also sort of jazzy sometimes, but more experimental. The video I am posting below is amaaaazing. Nels Cline is the guitarist of the band Wilco (!!!) and he has some solo albums out which are really spectacular, though a bit out there for some people. He does some interesting and innovative things with his guitars, which makes me happy, as a guitarist myself. He uses his whammy a lot to change the pitches of the notes, and he doesn’t always stick to established ways of playing music (Spider Wisdom -Nels Cline). I can almost compare him to Thurston Moore in Sonic Youth and Amelia in the documentary Girls Rock! (speaking of which, I AM GOING TO GIRLS ROCK ‘N ROLL CAMP THIS SUMMER WE WE WE SO EXCITED!!!!!! but more on that later).

Another artist that I’ve been listening to a lot lately is Andrew Bird. He sort of verges on the pop/folk side of the genre scale, but for some reason I clump him together with That One Odd Future Song and Nels Cline. I don’t know if any of the artists I am mentioning actually fit into the “jazzy” genre, but there’s something about them that makes my head clump them together… they are all almost –sophisticated? They definitely aren’t garagebands or anything like the Go! Team, haha. Anyways, Andrew Bird creates his music all by himself using foot pedals and multiple instruments plus his voice. First, he records some little melody, then he might play a harmony over that, and then next he might play some chords over that and sing or whistle or do something with his voice.

And now I am going to go watch “Adam” on Megavideo, officially named THE CUTEST MOVIE EVER by Kaila.

Thank you, and goodnight.